Game Theory: We Need To Talk About FNAF

Publisert 11. juli. 2021
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We need to talk about the FNAF franchise. This is a franchise that has meant so much, not just to me and the channel but to the entire community that formed around it. There is a lot to cover and I hope you'll take the time to watch to get my point of view on everything that has happened recently.

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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: AbsolutePixel, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Just so everyone is aware, Game Theorists spread disinformation about Republican political figures. Everything he accused them of is the opposite of reality. JK Rowling is NOT a bigot, BTW. Anyone claiming otherwise are themselves bigoted.

  • The conservatives or Republicans stand for things other than non LGBTQ, he could easily be interested in other parts of of partys campain.

  • If you make games or something a wide variety of backgrounds consume. You are no longer a person. That's the world you live in

  • i hate twitter, always making someone leave a community. if you have a fanbase above 500k, losers who have nothing better to do will go all the way back into your history just to cancel you. their reason? "i didnt like them" they will legit SPY ON YOU. Stay safe, dont try to get a fanbase above 100k, please. Love u all

  • Very well said. I applaud you for doing the tough job of explaining your thoughts thoroughly and not putting down how anyone else felt. Many times when people online explain their viewpoints, they feel they have to put others down to make their beliefs look better. The truth is there isn’t simply a right and wrong answer exclusively for every situation, context matters, and we need to show that most people aren’t 100% pure evil like a villain in a cartoon. Most people do what they do because they think it is the good and right choice.

  • Didn’t even finish this video. Still covering FNAF is still advertising for Scott, still making him money, still letting him donating to bigots. I am a demisexual lesbian and for the past 7 years. When I found read what Scott donated to, and his response, it was heartbreaking. Many of my Lgbt friends as well as BLM and Dreamers and Woman’s Right Groups were absolutely shocked and furious. For a man who said he supports everyone, he certainly has contradicted himself. He conveniently retired when all the back lash happened. He is a coward. It is such a privilege for the heteronormatives to not see how hurt we are. I have read these ignorant comments and can’t help but shake my head. You will never understand how we feel in these regards. The closest I have seen is the protest to the anti-maskers. Mat Pat, I encourage you to break from the Fnaf Universe. You have done enough coverage and don’t need to be affiliated with it anymore. I am asking on behalf of my minority brothers, sisters, and all between to let go. Make a stand, on behalf of us, say,” No! This is not acceptable!”

    • Too bad you wrote this for nothing. He'll stop covering fnaf when it stops making money

  • It ok to be mad at him for doing what he did, but sending death threats and telling him that they hope his family dies is not ok

  • more people need to see this video

  • Uh so basically your saying every republican is a horrible person and wants to hurt LGBTQ people???? Wtf have you ever met a republican

  • You are a Christian and support gays

  • Imagine if Scott cawthon and Tobby fox created a very louresome game

  • A

  • My uncle at the family gathering: "No no, I promise I won't get political tonight." 6 drinks later:

  • I am starting to wonder if Dawko is the one he chose to pass the torch over to. Especially to the games lore.

  • The only thing that I got from this is that Oliver is already 3.

  • i dont like matpat anymore

  • 60,921st!

  • #ThankYouScott

  • Who is going to make the theory ‘s?

  • i’ve always believed you don’t have to like the artist to like the art, or the other way around.

  • If Matt is getting FNAF i will be celebrating it

  • Skott did nothing wrong

  • Matt makes several valid points in this video, but what I agree with more is the fact the he looked at the fact that Scott didn't do this just because he loved the community that HE built and molded, he did it because he needs time with his family and that he supported who would best lead the country. Scott supports the LGBTQ+ community and I don't get why people would shame, DOX, or make threats to him for supporting what and WHO HE wanted to support.

    • Obviously doxxing and threatening him is awful, but people have a right to be upset with him imo. It doesn't really matter what his intentions were. At the end of the day, he supported (and likely will continue to support) people who are out to suppress the LGBTQ+ community's rights. The choice he made goes beyond just him and his wants, so it's disappointing to see him double down on it. But aside from that, I don't really see how someone who is anti-LGBTQ+ could possibly be seen as a good leader, no matter how good their other policies are.

  • I am Christian so idc

  • Do we? Like really? Again?

  • thank you for being an ally:)

  • Separate the art from the artist.

  • I'm gonna miss scott

  • Wait what Scott cawthon is retiring NNNNNOOOO it can't be he has so much to finish

  • Although I do not believe that the LGBT people are correct they should still get equal rights. A person should not have more or less freedoms depending on there past decisions.

  • I agree with Scott if he believes that gay is wrong

  • honestly i was expecting matt to sit there for an hour and defend scott but i was really impressed. honestly, hes really respectable to be able to express his disappointment and his ideas without any fear of what people will think. thatll always be amazing to me.

    • Im also happy that he left room for disagreement not alienating those who do not share his beliefs but putting out his greavenses in hope of a discussion. However i do disagree with him. Personally i don't think scott did anything wrong its his money and he should have the right to spend it how he wants. And if his spending habits offend some of his fans than they also have the RIGHT to choose not to support him. We have to remember that scot is a religious man (christian) and he is going to have his beliefs regardless of what other's think. That's not to say he hates gays but is probably just not as fond of them or outright supportive of them as other's may be. I my self while not christian have met many people who believe gay sexuality is a sinful act but do not wish harm upon those who choose live that lifestyle. For example its like genuinely hating people with tattoos because the bible says that marking your body is sin. Sure the lifestyle is sinful and therefore not supported by christians but it doesn't mean they hate those who engage in it. It's probably the same with scot and the LGBT community he may not be supportive but it doesn't mean he hates them.

  • Twitter have cancer

  • Me reading the title: no, we dont, we REALLY don't

  • Being LGBTQ+ myself I can't support people like the ones Scott does, but even though he supports those people it doesn't mean he supports the stance they have on sexual identifications. Scott has yes, tainted my view of him. But I'm sure deep down like myself, we all love him for starting this amazing loving community and bringing us together. Mixtures of emotions are felt by most but overtime we need to learn that Scott isn't evil.... he may support "evil" people in some's views but that doesn't make him, and definitely doesn't warrant death threats and doxing's.

  • matpat i jast saw agin 1 of your fnaf vido and the fnaf 5 sister locashen and at the start there is "the stage is set" oh and the name of the vido is game theory:fnaf, final time line(ultimate custom night)

    • Godzilla had a seizure reading this and f***ing died

  • I feel Monty is named after Dr Monty Montgomery from series of unfortunate event who loved reptiles or is related in the same way for naming him so?

  • *Researches fnaf because of new meatcannon video, and gets a huge cringe from the video now I want nothing to do with it.

  • I just wanna end it FNaF was my life

  • Minecraft has a lot of rip offs I used to play them when I didn't have Minecraft on mobile

  • FNAF may never be the same but the games will forever stay with us

  • Man so it is true...I’m gonna cry...

  • Oml he made it political... good job mat pat

  • So what? Regardless of whether he supports gays or not, he's not forcing anyone to conform to it. Imagine being judged or harrassed for being or supporting homosexuality. If all is equal then the same should apply to heterosexuals. Ultimately it's a life style choice over who you sleep with, so negating someone based on that one fact alone is simply short sighted, whether you agree with it or not. They have families, faiths, fears, and dreams to deal with too. If Scott turned out to have continuous tax aviation, fraud, theivery, and blatantly mistreating people because they are gay personally, that would be different but not liking him on one unproven possiblity of not supporting that life style is illogical.

  • Tbh I'm pansexual and I can care less on what Scott thinks my respects don't go to him but to the games I can care less on what he does outside the game and y'all gotta accept that. Yea racisms and stuff like that. I find months like pride month and black history month useless. How do we stop the hate? "Stop talking about it"

  • Making death threats to an individual crosses the line. You shouldn't do that, it's morally incorrect.

  • Is it bad to say I don’t like bacon

  • I like how at 15:33 the person’s top issue was pro hats

  • It's really sad to see a true master of story telling retiring for having a political opinion that honestly isnt even hateful to the lgbt community. He wasnt hateful, he wasnt speaking out against and had an opinion based off of economic advantages. I liked the series that fnaf is and I'm sad to see the master behind it leave leaving it to someone who will change it completely past the point of what we love

  • Pls that you see this comment the Afton giant trash robot and circus baby in the fnaf book it say circus baby merge whit afton then circus baby stop merging and afton is defeaded. In fnaf vr help wanted tap girl say (merge whit it start conecting whit it then when your merging press the switch it erasse it destroy it) there a bit refrence i dont know if im rong or rigth but hope it helps.

  • Politics are a pain, and the best way to get away from drama is to step out of the light, but, what someone does in his/hers personal life isn't anyone's business and don't knock a franchise based on someone's outside opinion on a corrupt government that has nothing to do with it.....I'm venting, politics get me agitated......I like fnaf....its not going to be the same

  • Just because you support a certain political group or person doesn’t mean you agree with all the things the say or believe in !

  • 20:05 "foreign policy" more like inhumane and illegal sanctions and embargoes on left-leaning countries

    • Nobody should support communist regimes who trample over basic human rights, better dead than red

  • I think people should mind there own business what he did with his money is on him he is given the right to have an opinion.

  • The amount of right wingers and liberals in this comment section is disturbing. Edit: tho nothing justifies death threats addressed to Scott or his family. Edit 2: for the really hopeless here: black lives matter.

  • ....putin

  • Matpat, now able to make the final theory: *I've won, but at what cost?*

  • I come here not wanting politics and want you to keep it that way thank you.

    • How is he supposed to say why he got canceled if you keep bragging about not talking about it

  • Keep the politics to Twitter mat pat.

  • I come to this channel for one thing only and that is for content. The content almost never contains anything about politics. That’s what I like that’s what I want mat pat stick to Twitter for that. Most of us don’t care for it here.

  • There’s no issue here at all, it’s his money, he can send it to whomever he pleases. All you skittles can stay mad 🤡🤡

  • I very strongly agree with Matpat at 16:43 , as a Muslim I stand with Scott, even tho he is christian, when you discover that your favourite person disagrees with your opinions or beliefs even tho you've seen your favourite person do good things (with proof), that doesn't mean you have to forget the good they've done and think negatively about them just because of their opinion. Like why people go to such extremes like threatening the guy by breaking into his house and murder his family just because of his opinion? Why waste time committing illegal actions such as threatening and doxing just because of one guy's belief and opinion? If you disagree with Scott and now dislike him or hate him that's fine I'll respect your opinion about him. But threatening him and saying you're going to kill his family just because he's anti-lgbtq? What the hell ppl? This isn't a fair act nor reasonable, you can't change or force someone to agree with you so you could feel agreed with or happy or safe or whatever you prefer to feel. Like... Here's a very silly and ridiculous example, Markiplier was playing a fan game dedicated to him, and one of the main characters in the game was a muslim girl wearing her hijab. As he was playing her section there came a mini game written in Arabic, so Mark jokingly said he doesn't have time to learn Arabic or he doesn't want to learn arabic. So does that mean that I, as a Muslim and Arabian, begin to hate him or forget that he did good things that even Muslims appreciated? Do I have to start threatening him because he doesn't want to learn my language? See? Would that be fair or reasonable? I know this example has nothing to do with Scott's situation, but I hope you get the point. So again, I stand with Scott and I respect his perspective even tho it hurt people's heart, so that does not I have to threaten him so he could agree with me nor should I force him to apologise. It's his opinion, then it's his opinion and I cannot change it nor force it to change to satisfy my perspective.

  • Who else doesn’t know if they should play FNAF anymore?

  • If scot is reading this i suport u

  • Honestly, can't we just forget other sexualities and races exist. Or at least not shove them in fiction. I really want to go back to early 2000....and just....enjoy the silence.

  • Republicans 👏 must 👏 be 👏 stopped 👏

    • @Joker eh, depends on how you look at it, from the world being a better place and not being taken over point of view republicans are much better :/

    • Both👏are 👏bad 👏and 👏good 👏

    • Democrats 👏must 👏be 👏 stopped👏

  • Why is there Teeth in the endoskeleton why that is a strange question but doesn’t make sense why the tea for being there if it already has teeth in the suit

  • I don’t agree with what Scott did, but that doesn’t mean you threaten him online. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  • Scot can support someone and not like some of their stances, I’m personally pro lgbtq and pro marijuana (FOR ADULTS) but I am very anti abortion and pro gun so I go with republicans, I don’t support some of their stances but I like MOST of their stances more than democrats so I choose them

    • @Pebbled same here

    • Truly politics is picking the lesser of two evils. I’m a republican, and to be frank I don’t care weather your LGBTQ or straight. So while I do not agree with the kind of things like denying lgbtq people rights, my mindset tends to agree with republicans more. Thus I formed my own version of what the Republican Party is to me.

  • I know this don’t have much to do with Scott himself but I feel like I have an idea where the story ark is heading. You know how Henry and William worked with each other in the first animatronics, probably as friends, and then out of no where William kills Henry’s daughter for no known reason? I believe the next game may tie up that loose end along with why William decides to kill more children after his son died in 1983. I also have a mini theory that the reason William starts killing children in the first place is because I believe Henry is the real villain. Let me explain: What if Henry, when Fredbear’s Family Diner gains it’s success, takes all the credit for making the animatronics and leaves William without his credit for helping. This makes William mad at Henry, so mad that he ends up killing his daughter (maybe on accident) with his car outside the diner. Henry then gets William fired from the job he had, and has left William jobless. Henry goes into hiding for a while and when “The Crying Child” later dies in 1983, the older brother that led him to his demise blames not himself, but Henry for the faulty suits (since Henry in my theory took credit for making them.) William goes into a rampage and starts killing kids in the back rooms to try and pin the blame on Henry since he took all the credit for making the suits back in the 70’s. But that’s just a theory. It may not be correct but it’s something to chew on.

  • I still support Scott and I feel bad that this is happening to him.

  • Supporting Republican parties is difficult. It’s walking a very fine line because you don’t feel as if the other lines are right, but you don’t feel that this one is either. With all politicians nowadays, there will *always* be something they do that you strongly disagree with. You are practically forced to pick your poison now with American politics. I don’t like most of the democrats trying to run the country, or how they’re doing it. But I don’t like Republican policies either. I’m willing to bet this is the same situation Scott Cawthon was caught in too. And it isn’t fair to label him a homophobe, threaten him, cancel him, or stop supporting the amazing fanbase he created over this. Humanize him. He is a human. He has and probably will continue to make decisions you don’t agree with. Everyone will. No one can be unanimously approved, it’s not humanely possible. Let the man have his private, personal life. It’s all he has, now.

  • He is not milking the series if he is the best at explaining the lore even the books. Change my mind.

  • I mean being a public figure and donating to Mitch McConnell is basically suicide what did anyone expect

    • Wait I just read the bit where he said he was a Tulsi supporter. Everything makes sense now.

  • My thinking is that in America there is a lot of people who dont think about what others care for and look at their priorities as the most important and thats what made scott look like a bad guy in all this

  • I disagree with Scott saying it's his "duty" to give money to politicians. Politicians shouldn't be allowed to take donations. They are civil servants and should get a minimum wage from taxes. You should be a politician to work for the people, not to get rich.

    • @brucifer Saying something like that normally means that he would want a policy for it, and if that policy WAS proposed… who controls it? The politicians. My point is there is no way to regulate it without the military getting involved.

    • @Adam Carmen Nothing they said contradicts your point. They said "shouldnt" be allowed to take donations, not that they arent allowed. Yeah realistically a government body isnt going to do the right thing and stop getting rich via politics. Doesnt mean that it shouldnt be happening.

    • You clearly aren’t very politically educated. AND THAT ISNT AN INSULT, it’s an observation. If you say they shouldn’t be allowed to accept the donations… who regulated that? The government. And who is the government made up of? Politicians.

  • Okay so this is just a random statement that's either probably not gonna be seen, or already revealed, but I was playing ultimate custom night yesterday and something weird happened. So basically I was playing with Nightmarionne on level 20, and it was like 2 am and I flicked up the monitor. When it went down instead of Nightmarionne it showed who we think is Cassidy? The character that has like red and blue eyes or something like that. I flicked the monitor back up and down and it was gone? Ik lots of people probably won't believe me but I swear, I saw it and it legit scared me lol.

  • I would just like to say even seeing this two weeks later.... I'm glad I stayed away from some of those things and even though I am pretty much a third party perspective it's hard because of what happened but I support Scott and happen to be LGBTQ and it really the thing that stands out shouldn't be money but instead how he was a great man and gave me some of my childhood.

  • Why do Americans pronounce Rowling "raugh-ling"? It's one of life's greatest mysteries to me.

  • our world is too devicive. so many people decide to hate someone else just for having a different opinion instead of hearing them out. this is y nothing gets done in our country and everyone hates each other

  • "you can have any opinion you want as long as it's our opinion" lgbt community while threatening death to game developer who didn't share their opinion that's just truth, cry about it

  • So sad cawthen retiered:(

  • It honestly annoys me when I hear people decide to mix someone's personal life with their professional life. Scott cawthon the creator of fnaf was a good storyteller and even greater game maker. Scott cawthon the person isn't someone the Fandom knew everything about and while I disagree with people he supports i don't disagree with his creation. The worst part is that people threatened him and those people are all children unable to cope with reality that people aren't just perfect dolls you envision because you enjoy their creation

  • So new political theory channel release when?

  • I could get into the politics, but just wanna say to everyone that sees this comment. Think twice before screaming about something on social media. Its only human to want attention, me writing this comment is litterally me trying to get attention, but dont see your opinion as correct. No opinion is right, otherwise it wouldnt be an opinion. Dont like this comment, instead try to right a meaningful comment yourself and think twice before you do.

  • I saw the thumbnail, and that it was quite new and was like damn, there's something new i should know. Then, for the briefest of moments, as my mouse was hovering over the video to click it, the preview was of Mat on the couch. Well, I guess we're getting real!

  • Whats wrong with being a homophobe anyway?

  • When you realize that gays get a whole month if celebration but anzacs got 2 days

  • isnt this country about freedom? so if its about freedom we should be able to support WHATEVER WE WANT right?

  • Oh my god he referenced RE also I’ll miss scott

  • It's none of your business

  • I have to appreciate that he didn't shove any left or Right democrat or republican narrative...

  • As an outsider (non American) LGBTQ+ person, i think I can provide a point of view. Firstly, I am so disappointed to see people doxxing and sending death threats, its inexcusable. Secondly, I personally believe you can support art and not artist, example, Pablo Picasso was known to be abusive and misogynistic, however you can still love the art without loving him. I personally will not support Scott as a person, but will still support FNAF going forward. I can't support someone who supports those who have fundamental prejudice against any community (race, gender, culture, religion or sexuality). I personally believe the like, support like, and that he must have some common beliefs with those who show the prejudice. But that's just my take and I'm open to others thoughts

  • GAME THEORY IDEA: What if Michael Afton was Scrap trap? Because Scrap trap and Spring trap do not look the same. Michael’s body would fit perfect into Scrap trap. So Michael could’ve been the one actually sent to hell instead of William Afton. In that case you actually play as Michael in UCN and in one of the theories Matpat said that the animatronics get confused with Michael and William because they look so similar. Also what if in the fire at Fazbear’s frights William went into one of the game disks or whatever they are? It would explain why he is in VR Help Wanted instead of UCN. One more thing it would tell why he isn’t in the games after Pizza simulator or UCN.

  • i just wanna say that this good content although sometimes i think differently it's really good thank you for awesome MatPat