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Hello Internet! I'm MatPat and welcome to GAME THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite games? So do we! From piecing together the complete FNAF timeline to figuring out if Toadette is REALLY a young Princess Peach, we cover it all! If you want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories, join the Game Theorist's community today!

But hey, it's just a bunch of theories. Game Theories! Thanks for watching.

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25:06Game Theory: We Need To Talk About FNAF
Game Theory: We Need To Talk About FNAFGanger 3,6 mill21 dag siden
13:51Game Theory: What Level is Ash's Pikachu? (Pokemon)
14:59Game Theory: The Hero That BROKE Genshin Impact!
13:10Game Theory: Minecraft and The Power of The Dead
4:02:09The Game Theory 10th Anniversary Celebration!
30:37Game Theory... What Happened To You?
Game Theory... What Happened To You?Ganger 2,9 mill3 måneder siden
14:05Game Theory: Why Flying Pokemon CAN'T FLY!
Game Theory: Why Flying Pokemon CAN'T FLY!Ganger 2 mill3 måneder siden
19:09Game Theory: 3 NEW FNAF Security Breach Theories!
13:41Game Theory: Are Your Mobile Games ILLEGAL?
Game Theory: Are Your Mobile Games ILLEGAL?Ganger 6 mill4 måneder siden


  • Matpat whens the 4th theory channel gonna come out

  • I like to think the hippos line "you try to read into every little thing, and you'll end up driving yourself crazy" is Scott talking directly to Matpat and telling him to stop trying because the lore is almost impossible to solve anyway

  • I like how in the 15th tape you here the exact dialogue that you can hear glitchtrap say when he’s talking to you. Further solidifying Mats’ conclusion

  • This video came out literally 2 days after I started playing Control for the first time, so I had to speedrun through the entire game to watch this without being spoiled, only for me to forget this video's existance for a month

  • Actually in Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympics the characters do a club swinging esque event called rhythmic gymnastics. Also in the 2010 M and S Olympic Winter Games, they have Biathlon, which involves shooting a rifle. They also have a dream event called Ski shooting that involves shooting literal targets. I know it's not summer olympics but it's still useful information. It would be cool to see an analysis of the winter events since most of them require more precision and technique than simply who's faster and stronger.

  • Meliodas got recommended this

  • 4:00 i prefer to say it is the scp foundation of america only, or the part of FBI for anomalus if you kwon about groups of interest

  • I feel sick

  • 2014: "And it's all connected to a real-life spree of murders that took place at a Chuck E Cheese-" 2021- "And then I get impregnated and give birth to a toy rabbit-" Wow have things changed.

  • Wtf that's so horrible

  • Well, well, well, my dad and my mom are right handed and I’m left handed. Proof that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Not only that but, my brother and my sister are left handed. WELL- and so are my cousins and they have right handed parents too.

  • Sonic with a gun has to be the most cursed thing I've ever seen today

  • tankman is a series on newgrounds

  • #SonicPlsWin

  • What about the big pigs

  • Then is FNaF world a fever dream and series of visions as TCC is dying?

  • Lol now he thinks its michal afton in2021

  • Speaking of Angry Birds, maybe some theory about majority of the games being removed and if Rovio did it just for money or for test purposes

  • Imagine if Scott cawthon and Tobby fox created a very louresome game

  • The term FNaF rejects is weird because FNaF is a chunky cheese reject which is a Pizza Hut reject

  • Pansexuals: You see I'm never in games in fact people don't know I exsist

  • Wait what is the guy from brain dump doing here? 2:10

  • I honestly feel as though fnaf 1 is still the scariest game in the series. Because being in that tiny office gives you a sense of helplessness. Which in turn triggers your brain to start feeling the emotion of fear

  • Can you do a

  • pls mat pat more genshin its like the most depp plot game up right now with a sus lore

  • I HATE ASH!!

  • “Do you just have pictures of random commercial actors in your house NO you do not” Me with pictures of Phil Swift in my house 👁👄👁

  • Oh I thought I was watching something else oh so this is food Siri and game theory okay if I was watching something

  • What am I even watching voice somebody like cuter like frisk voice I like that voices cute I love it

  • william afton X henry afton gay couple kill kids with big robot explained

  • “And the developers a really tricky guy” Scott: And i took that personally

  • Can you countine the dream smp @MatPatGT plz I liked the original theory thx

  • i doubt this will ever not make me cry; it’s like losing a friend. i’ve followed this channel for 9 years (since i was about 10) so it felt like i grew up with them. still absolutely heartbreaking all these years later. rest in peace, ronnie oni edwards 💜

  • 🤟

  • I have theory about little nightmares. Little nightmares 2 come before little nightmares1.

  • Lmfaoo

  • Both have shot guns in the Olympics series of games

  • Rip bozo Ronnie 🤣🤣🤣

  • Pretty sure Mario also loses bronze because of toad but I’m not sure

  • A

  • I'm upset that the intro didn't include "It's ME, Austin!"

  • Hey Matpat big fan I was wondering if you could do a theory on dispatch by Twoshoed games

  • I don't think I believe this one...

  • So let me get this straight... Mario snapped and murdered Princess Peach after Luigi and Peach had cake. Then Mario took

  • I like kirby cuas when he inhales jiggly puff and took its abilitys and it made a super cute combamition

  • Just saying- Her name is Audrey:) She isn't a second Alice :>

  • Puppet in the intro *SLIIIIDE TO THE RIGHT*

  • Oh wow charizard is flying and fire oh lets me guess flying is weak to rock but guess what is fire weak to... ROCK TYPES so yeah hope you don't find a rock pokemon

  • What’s a font

  • 😲

  • Uses Archie Sonic for sources but uses images from Fleetway comics Sonic

  • My uncle at the family gathering: "No no, I promise I won't get political tonight." 6 drinks later:

  • 10 7

  • Years later this is still my favorite game theory video

  • I am starting to wonder if Dawko is the one he chose to pass the torch over to. Especially to the games lore.

  • I pump the tunes of disc 11 while I’m building a giant parrot statue

  • Let’s face it, if the flash and sonic had a battle to the death, the flash would win easy

  • 2 years later and im still listening to it

  • I think he did not add the minecraft steve player in

  • This was the first ever video of his that I watched now I’m waching all his videos after this I was 5 when this came out you do that math of how old I am now

  • based cops

  • Mat can we get a new episode

  • 2:02 Sus

  • wait but replying to theory 1: i thought we played as jeremy in fnaf 3 due to there being 3 night guards mike, michael, and jeremy. jeremy was the only one with bad anxiety and he constantly had panic attacks in fnaf 3 qwrtyuiklkjgfd

  • Okay, so for some reason……. I’m surprised he didn’t do a tomodachi life nor miitopia theory ;-; (like no joke)

  • This is the video all of our childhoods were waiting for

  • Now you have to make another video for the end of Sun and Moon, and the four seasons of Pokémon Journeys. Luckily there is only Goh, and not a bunch of teenage girls,,

  • Why did take me 6 years to notice this

  • Hay man I want a theory on dragon city and dragon land

  • I wish superhero’s with this OP set of powers actually existed

  • @Matpat /@Game Theory: you guys should do a Theory on who the strange man is in red dead redemption

  • She said that she haven't even played the game. Then why did she make the post? She is clearly lying about something.

  • Who is here is 2023

  • I'm just here to tell you your Japanese is laughably thin, and that people and Pokemon DID NOT get married. 結婚する does not mean they were married like a modern-day religious matrimony in a church. Such as, for example, Ash and Pikachu are "married" together; in that they have formed a union through bonding. It's that simple, idiots. At least you briefly include the original Japanese so we can correct you. It's actually saying: *"There was People that formed a union with Pokemon. There was Pokemon that formed a union with People."* Don't stretch this into believing Pokemon and People we're screwing. Like the Gaijin you are, you have misunderstood the grace and nuance of Japanese. I am a licensed N3 btw... and I fkin earned it. So don't @me until you learned the language.

    • They are trying to tell a story of a time when Humans and Pokemon cohabitated normally and without issues. The second passage (on the right) interprets: *Long ago, both People and Pokemon were like one and the same. It was the "normal".* (other lesser interpretations are: It was ordinary life for us. It was the normal daily routine. etc etc) It means they were VIEWED as one and the same in society. 同じ or as it is written in game as おなじ is closer to the meaning of "One in the same", NOT "congruent or identical", and it does NOT mean they were indistinguishable, idiot.

  • I typed the link, letter by letter. it was unavailable.

  • Oh it's not matpat but still I wanna know if it's a scam

  • Hi matpat I wanna know if 2048 cube winner is a scam i think it is

  • s

  • Did anyone actually searched up lemon party? If so what were the results